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The Scout is a fast-moving Ancient era recon unit.

Game Info Edit

Scouts are used primarily for exploration in the early game, and are highly recommended as one of the first things to build because of how important your surrounding terrain is. It is relatively weak however, so while it can stand in a battle, it should generally be avoided.

Note that while the Scout can acquire promotions allowing him to move faster through tough terrain, he doesn't have such ability inherently, the way the Scout in Civilization V did. Also, when crossing a River, he is subject to the same movement rules as other units.

Historical Context Edit

Over the centuries many people have been termed "scouts" (including teenagers in neat uniforms camping out and earning "merit badges"). But fleet-footed warriors adept at wandering the wilderness and spying on the enemy have existed since the days of hunter-gathers. These "specialists" were the eyes and ears of early civilizations, spreading out from settlements, exploring new lands, and seeking the enemy. In time, they became ever more specialized, and are an inherent and vital part - even today - of any military formation. Knowing where the opponent is and what he is up to is still vital to avoid getting slaughtered.

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