Secrets of the Manifolds (SMAC)

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Secrets of the Manifolds
Secrets of the Manifolds (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote Uncover other far-flung Manifolds connected to Planet
Rank Discover 13
Requisites Sentient Resonance
Secrets of Alpha Centauri
Leads to Threshold of Transcendence
String Resonance
Base Facilities The Manifold Harmonics
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances None

BackArrowGreen Back to the technology tree

Kri'lan taught me of the resonance and how to feel it. After much training, I could see — the very surface under our feet, Planet itself — is a living, fluctuating nexus of energy, violent, beautiful and quite unstable. And I could also feel its cousins — distant mirrors on the other side of the space-time continuum — the far-flung Manifolds.

-- Prophet Cha Dawn ,"The Betrayer and I"

Miscellaneous effects

First faction to discover Secrets of the Manifolds gains a free technology.

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