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Servomachinery (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier 2

Science 1160 20xScienceBE
Requires Bionics
Leads to None

+25Purity (CivBE) Purity

Buildings enabled None
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled Battlesuit

Allows the Battlesuit unique unit.

"Morality is measured by the progress of our work. A machine whose works bring us more progress is more moral than a lesser machine."

- Vadim Kozlov, Axioms from the Minutes of the Central Directorate


Servomachinery, devices with automatic negative-feedback sensors, can be traced back to the first steam engine governors on ancient Earth. Now such devices are common on this planet. As engineered by colonial scientists, these may utilize electricity, hydraulics, magnetics or even primitive pneumatics. Development of positioning and power servomechanisms has permitted the creation of low-weight exosuits; while positioning servomechanisms are used in military fire-control and marine guidance systems. In all types of vehicles these operate as automated speed controls. Servomachines are often found in colonial laboratories as well, where used in servo-arms, autofocus optical equipment, and various biomedical devices (such as centrifuges). Finally, these devices have many applications in the fields of robotics and automation, of vital importance to human settlements here.

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