Seven Cities of Gold (CivRev)

Seven Cities of Gold in game

The Seven Cities of Gold is an artifact in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

Discovering the Seven Cities of Gold will give an immediate and hefty Gold bonus to your treasury. Finding this Artifact is an excellent way to start off an Economic Victory.

Civilopedia Entry Edit

The siren's song of wealth in the New World drew many adventurous and ambitious souls across the Atlantic. One particular draw was the tale of the Seven Cities of Gold. It was said that, with the Moorish conquerors riding in from the horizon in the eighth century, seven Spanish and Portuguese bishops gathered up the relics, gold and other wealth of the Church and fled to found seven new cities across the sea. This tale of immense wealth just over the horizon would fuel many a journey into the most barren and foreboding reaches of North America, all ending in failure.

Save yours.

Fun Fact Edit

  • Cibola and Quivira are the names of two of the legendary cities of gold.
  • El Dorado was a mythic city of gold sought by the Spanish upon their arrival to the New World. Thought to be in the vicinity of modern Columbia, El Dorado was the driving force in the life of one man - Gonzalo de Quesado. The founder of the capital of Columbia, de Quesada did not govern the city, instead spending his life hunting for this mythic city of gold.