Sherman Tank (CTP2)

A Sherman Tank rolling off the factory assembly line in the Toledo-Detroit region (called Arsenal of Democracy). The mouse cursor is hovering over Windsor County, Ontario. That Air Base is Akron Canton regional airport. The tank is on its way to Pittsburgh.

The Sherman tank is an American tank used by Americans during World War II. It is found in the WW2 Global Modpack for Call to Power II.


These tanks were famous for having fought in World War II against Nazi Germany and the fascist Italy Alliance Civilization, but these tanks saw very little combat against the Japanese Civilization. The Japanese deployed some imported T-34 Tanks in the battle of Saipan. The tanks came off of troop transports. In real life they were destroyed by Americans firing rocket launchers. But in this situation you would need to bring along some tanks of your own to counter the Japanese tanks. The Japanese lost the city and island of Saipan to the Americans. The Americans have occupied this island and the rest of the Northern Mariana islands ever since.


These tanks can pack a huge punch. They are basically the American version of the Heavy Tank.