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Ship of the Line
Ship of the Line (Civ4Col)
Building required Shipyard
Hammer required 350
Tools (Civ4Col) required 150
Guns (Civ4Col) required 200
Train/purchase in Europe N/A Coins (C4C)
Learn from Natives N/A
Strength 8 Guns (Civ4Col)
Moves 4

+50% vs. Frigate.
Can bombard settlement defenses (-12%/turn).

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Ships of the Line were the largest vessels deployed during the height of the European wooden navies, from the seventeenth until the mid-nineteenth century. In naval strategy, the most powerful ships of each respective navy would often form into lines and unleash a barrage upon their rivals. Ships of the Line, as these elite vessels were known, usually carried 80 or more guns, but this extra-heavy armament cost the vessel dearly in maneuverability.

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