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This article is about the 2010 board game. For the 2002 board game, see here.

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame is a board game from 2010. It's a strategy game that supports 2-4 players and plays for 180 minutes or more. The game was designed by Kevin Wilson. It has won a couple of awards and been nominated for a few more.

The game has received two expansions: Fame and Fortune in 2011 and Wisdom and Warfare in 2013.


Victory is achieved in one of four ways: through military (by conquering one other capital), through science (by discovering Space Flight, the only level five tech in the game), through economics (by gaining fifteen coins) or through culture (by being the first to reach the end of the culture track).


Civilization Leader Starting Tech Starting Government Ability Expansion
German Bismarck Metal Working Despotism The Germans start with 2 extra infantry units.
After setup, each time the Germans research a tech that upgrades or unlocks a unit, they build one of that unit for free and gain one resource of their choice from the market.
Base game
American Lincoln Currency Despotism The Americans start with a free random great person in their capital.
Each time the Americans convert 3 trade into production, they receive 2 production instead of 1.
Base game
Chinese Wu Zetian Writing Despotism The Chinese start with city walls in their capital.
The Chinese gain 3 culture each time they explore a hut or conquer a village.
The Chinese may save one of their killed units after each battle, returning it to their standing forces.
Base game
Egyptian Cleopatra Construction Despotism The Egyptians start with a free random ancient wonder in their capital.
Once per turn, during City Management, the Egyptians may build in unlocked building for free by using an action.
Base game
Roman Caesar Code of Laws Republic The Romans advance one space on the culture track for free each time they build a wonder or city, and each time they conquer a city or village. Base game
Russian Catherine Communism Communism The Russians start with 2 armies, and their stacking limit is increase by 1.
Once per turn, the Russians may move an army or scout into an enemy city and sacrifice that figure to research a tech known by that civilization for free. Armies sacrificed this way cannot also attack.
Base game
Aztec Wisdom & Warfare
English Wisdom & Warfare
French Wisdom & Warfare
Japanese Wisdom & Warfare
Mongol Wisdom & Warfare
Zulu Wisdom & Warfare
Arabian Fame & Fortune
Spanish Fame & Fortune
Greek Fame & Fortune
Indian Fame & Fortune

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