Sistine Chapel
Great Wonder introduced in Civilization IV
Sistine Chapel

Only available in Renaissance and earlier starts.
Hammer 600 (Double production speed with Marble)
Requirements Music
Great People points 2 Great Artist


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The Sistine Chapel causes each specialist in every city to generate culture and increases the culture bonus provided by religious buildings. The Sistine Chapel has a very high cultural value, and it increases its city's odds of generating a Great Artist.

This wonder is extremely useful in winning a cultural victory, and increasing the difficulty of winning a cultural victory for others.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The beauty of Rome's Sistine Chapel has long served as a testament to the mixture of strong religious beliefs and the love of art shared by the people of Renaissance Europe. Michelangelo devoted four years to painting the mural that adorns the ceiling, a work depicting events in the book of Genesis and other Biblical stories. Few visitors to the Sistine Chapel have failed to be moved by the artist's dedication to his subject, or his feeling for the nature of human struggle, suffering, and spiritual triumph.