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Game InfoEdit

Unique ranged unit of the Incan civilization. Replaces the Archer.

  • Common abilities:
    • Unable to melee attack.
  • Special abilities:
    • Withdraw Before Melee (Unit may withdraw when faced with melee attack)
  • Special traits
    • Less melee strength (4 vs. 5)


The Slinger, like the seafaring Caravel of the later eras, has the ability to withdraw from most melee attacks. So, once per turn the Slinger can effectively avoid an enemy melee unit which tries to attack it. Note that a second attack attempt within the same turn will succeed.

This unit is great for harassing your foes. However, the Slinger is weaker against melee attacks than the Archer it replaces, meaning it can be easily defeated if the enemy pins it against obstructions or chases it with fast units. The other drawback of this unit is that it can't protect your civilian units from melee attackers, as the Slinger will withdraw from battle, allowing any civilian unit that was sharing its tile to fall into the attackers' hands.

Historical InfoEdit

The Inca warriors were renowned slingers. Their projectile of choice was a rounded stone. While a sling does not have the stopping power of a bow and arrow, slings are remarkably small and light weapons, and infantry warriors could easily carry them without becoming encumbered. The sling also had considerable range matched only by the composite bow and British longbow (which were much more expensive to produce). Additionally, as it written in the Old Testament, a trained slinger can kill even the largest opponent with but a single stone...

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