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Solar Collector Icon

Solar Collector Icon

Game infoEdit

  • Uitlity satellite. Requires Photosystems technology.
  • +1 20xEnergyBE Energy per tile; +20% 20xEnergyBE Energy for any city in range.
  • Lifetime: 60 turns.
  • Range: 1 tile

The Solar collector is in effect an orbital-based power generator. Use it to boost 20xEnergyBE Energy yield at all times in cities which don't (or can't) have other more useful satellites.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Solar Collector was built upon the designs of previous satellites such as the Orbital Laser and Miasmic Condenser. Essentially an orbital solar panel, the Solar Collector harnesses the solar energy, converting it into pure Energy, which it then transmits to the planet. Even though the process suffers from high energy “leakage,” it creates enough energy to make that leakage appear minimal. The Solar Collector can harness Energy for both a city and the greater colony. The city which receives the Collectors direct transference receives an Energy increase, while the colony as a whole will receive an amount of Energy for all owned tiles.

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