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Soma Distillery
Soma Distillery (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 400 20xProductionBE
Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Requires Social Dynamics
Specialist slots 2 Artists
Effect +4 20xHealthBE Health
Notes None


The liquid commonly referred to as “soma” (occasionally as “amrita”) by colonists is made from a mixture of alkaloids such as ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine with other compounds distilled from a number of indigenous plants. It is named after the ancient, legendary drink used in Vedic rituals which supposedly conferred immortality if ingested in sufficient quantities; in lesser amounts soma had energizing qualities and heightened the senses to nigh superhuman abilities. On this world, research by mycologists and pharmacologists eventually resulted in the discovery of a blend of compounds distilled from xenomass and local fungi which, in the proper proportions, could be injected or ingested with similar effects. While modern soma does not bring immortality, it has been found to bolster the immune systems in Earth fauna (including humans) and to speed healing far beyond what is normal. This means that the usual pace of aging is slowed, as the shortening of telomeres over time is ameliorated, the apoptosis at the DNA level is lessened, the activity of the mTOR protein is restricted, and formation of free radicals in mitochondria reduced. In general, those in the habit of ingesting or injecting soma on a regular basis exhibit heightened senses and energy, require less rest and recuperation, exhibit more efficient synaptic operations, and an extended lifespan. Soma distilleries operate in a number of settlements, each with its own closely-guarded recipe (although the basic ingredients are well documented).