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The soundtrack of the original Civilization game was available in digital MIDI format. Most of original tunes were composed by Jeff Briggs, while others were taken from traditional or classic compositions, referring to each national culture (civilization) represented in the game. The same music used for the Aztecs was also applied to the Barbarians whenever they invaded a city.


  • Romans - "Rise of Rome" (original)
  • Babylonians - "Hammurabi's Code" (original)
  • Germans - DOS version: "Variatio 4: Lo stesso movimento" from Goldberg Variations (Johann Sebastian Bach); Amiga version: "Rondo alla Turca" ( Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • Egyptians - "Harvest Of the Nile" (original)
  • Americans - "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
  • Greek - "Aristotle's Pupil" (original)
  • Mongols - "Mongol Horde" (original)
  • Russians - "Song of the Volga Boatmen" (traditional)
  • Zulus - (original)
  • French - "La Marseillaise"
  • Aztecs - "Tenochtitlan Revealed" (original)
  • Chinese - "The Shining Path" (traditional)
  • English - "Rondeau" from Symphonies and Fanfares for the King's Supper (Jean-Joseph Mouret)
  • Indians - "Gautama Ponders" (original)

Besides the main theme, sometimes known as "Civilization Opening Theme", other tunes used in the game were Beethoven's Ode to Joy in the "leader's day" celebration in cities, as well as the Funeral March.


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