This is the soundtrack for Sid Meier's Colonization. Its was originally in the MOD, XM, S3M, and IT formats. Its composers were Anthony Putson, Allister Brimble (Amiga), Ken Lagace (DOS), Jeff Briggs (DOS), and Roland Rizzo (DOS).[1]

The music below is listed in the order found on the Pick Music menu of Colonization.


  • “Bird Song”
  • “Smoky Tune”
  • “Cornwall”
  • “Shady Grove”- based on an 18th-century folk song
  • “Fiddler’s Dance”
  • “Jine The Cavalry”- Based off the popular American Civil War song “Join the Cavalry
  • “Hornpipe”- Used when player starts a new game. More commonly called "Fisher's Hornpipe"
  • “Bonny Morn” an folk song, from the Northumbria [2]
  • “Hole in the Wall”
  • “Nightingale”

Independence TunesEdit

  • “Love Forever”- Also called "Washington Forever"[3]
  • “York Fusiliers”- Unknown Composer, Several arrangements can be found online
  • “Washington Artillery March”- Unknown Composer
  • Road to Boston”-The official Ceremonial March of Massachusetts, sometimes called “March to Boston”
  • “Independence Way”

Military TunesEdit

  • “The Reveille”- Not related to the bugle song Reveille
  • “Successful Campaign”- When player wins a battle
  • “Morelli’s Lesson” [4]
  • “To Arms”

Indian TunesEdit

  • “Indian Victory”
  • “Natives”- Played when a new Indian tribe is met
  • “Tenochtitlan”- Music played when player interacts with the Aztecs. Similar to original Civilization version
  • “Pizarro at Cuzco” Music played when player interacts with the Incas

Not Listed on Pick Music ListEdit

  • "One Misty Moisty Morning"- Music played when player discovers a Fountain of Youth.


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  3. As in a medley on the album Colonial Capers: Odes, Anthems, Jigs & Reels by Early Music New York - Frederick Renz, Director
  4. Traditional music, Unknown original composer. Found this version [1]
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