Space Plane
Space Plane (CTP1)
Attack 0
Ranged Attack 0
Defend 3
Moves 15
Vision 1
Cost 2250
Required technologies

Advanced Composites

Made obsolete by


Other attributes
  • Transport 5 Units
  • 2 Turns of Fuel
  • Space Launch/Descend

The Space Plane is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Historical InfoEdit

Using intelligent materials to create the first truly reusable yet dependable launch vehicle, the Space Plane provides the comfort of an airline with the dependability of a compact car. Intelligent Materials radically altered the cost of space flight by reducing vehicle weight and by increasing safety. Created with metals that actively resist high stress and that report stress fractures before reaching failing, the Space Plane offers a better cargo-to-cost ratio than any previous space craft. Even more critical, for commercial flights, it nearly guarantees that passengers survive the flight.

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