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Spaceship part completed

A Life Support module has been completed and added to the spaceship. Note that there is no success probability shown even though the launch-button is present already.

Wikipedia has a page called:

The Civilization IV Space Race victory can be achieved by building a spaceship and sending it to Alpha Centauri. The spaceship consists of the following parts:

In vanilla and Warlords it is enough to just build the ship and launch it. Beyond the Sword changes this significantly: as in Civilization and Civilization II, it is not enough to just launch the spaceship; it must also reach Alpha Centauri before anyone else's does. This is made more interesting by having the player make choices: the player can build more thrusters to make the ship travel faster and more casings to increase the probability of success for the mission. This involves an interface issue: when a new component is completed a screen is shown where the component can be installed. This screen should show the success probability of the mission but it does not. The screen does, however, have the launch-button. The success probability must be read separately through the Victory Conditions screen.

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