The SS Habitation is a building in Civilization Revolution.


The Spaceship Habitation Module is one of the four essential pieces needed to construct a Spaceship and win a Technology Victory. Building extra Habitation Modules increases your final score when your Spaceship arrives.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Lacking yet the ability to put humans into long-term deep freeze hibernation, spaceship engineers must create spaces which will allow human colonists to survive decades of interstellar travel with both body and mind intact. The habitation pods will contain areas for work, exercise, education and recreation, all of which are deemed necessary for long-term human survival.


  • Eating in space is tricky. Any food that crumbles cannot be taken, as an errant crumb could slip into the instruments and damage them. This means salt, pepper, bread, and many other standard food items cannot be consumed in space.
  • Despite the many features of modern spacecraft, none contain a washer or dryer. Astronauts are advised to bring a pair of underpants for everyday they will be in space. Bringing two for launch day would also be a good idea.