The SS Life Support is a building in Civilization Revolution.


The Spaceship Life Support Module is one of the four essential pieces needed to construct a Spaceship and win a Technology Victory! Building extra Life Support Modules increases your final score when your spaceship arrives!

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Even with the slowing of time and metabolism caused by the super-fast speeds needed for long space voyages, pioneering astronauts will still require food, water and oxygen to survive their trek across the heavens. Plant life, water recycling and renewable energy sources are the three essentials for any lengthy space odyssey and are the crux of the lift support systems.


  • Humans will require huge amounts of fresh water to survive long space journeys. Researchers are currently developing systems that could be used to recycle sweat and urine into drinkable water.
  • Plant life is essential to long-term survival of humanity, in space or planetside. On a long space journeys, plants can simultaneously act as sources of food, oxygen and waste disposal.