Spy (Civ2)
Ground unit
Cost 30
Attack strength 0
Defense strength 0
Hit points 1
Firepower 1
Movement rate 3
Leonardo's Workshop
upgrades to
Requirements Espionage
Obsolete with Never
Other attributes Ignores enemy Zone of Control.

The Spy is a more advanced version of the Diplomat. Like their predecessors, Spies are able to steal technology, provide a more detailed view of the city, establish embassies, and so on.

Spies have significant benefits over Diplomats: first, they have 3 movement points instead of 2, so they can move faster. In addition, the preexisting function that Diplomats are able to do Spies do better: Spies may establish embassies or investigate the city for just 1/3 of a movement point, can survive an attempt at stealing technology or industrial sabotage with bonuses, and lastly can directly harm the opponent by sabotaging units, poisoning water supplies or planting a nuclear device.

Spies, like their predecessors, are trained as veterans if the civilization has chosen Communism as its government style.

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