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Stables are built in a colony to increase breeding of horses. Once the Stable is completed, horse reproduction is doubled.


Building a Stable doubles the maximum productivity. If you have no food surplus, there will be no effect. But if you have enough food the horse number's growth will go from 2 to 4 per turn if you have at least two but no more than 50 horses in Col1, for example.

Display in Col1Edit

In Col1 when you have a Warehouse with no Stable the Warehouse is alone and no horses appear anywhere in the colony (except in the production window). Build a Stable, and the visual effect is a fence in front of the Warehouse and some horses (representing your maximum possible production) in front of that.

If you build a Stable before a Warehouse, you see a little corral with a pale brown piebald horse inside and some white horses (representing your maximum possible production) in front.

Display in FreeColEdit

Graphics have varied as the game has improved.[1]



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