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Some civilizations have a starting bias which affects their spawn location. Often, this helps the civilization make better use of its unique ability, units, and/or structures that can get benefits from certain tiles. The bias is usually based on historical data.

List of starting biasesEdit

Starting Bias in Civilization V
Civilization Icon Starting bias
Byzantine Byzantine (Civ5)

Coast (Civ5)

Greek Greek (Civ5)

Coast (Civ5)

Korean Korean (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Japanese Japanese (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Indonesian Indonesian (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Portuguese Portuguese (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Venetian Venetian (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
English English (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Danish Danish (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Ottoman Ottoman (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Carthaginian Carthaginian (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Spanish Spanish (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Polynesian Polynesian (Civ5) Coast (Civ5)
Arabian Arabian (Civ5) Desert (Civ5)
Moroccan Moroccan (Civ5) Desert (Civ5)
Aztec Aztec (Civ5) Jungle (Civ5)
Brazilian Brazilian (Civ5) Jungle (Civ5)
Iroquois Iroquois (Civ5) Forest (Civ5)
Celtic Celts (Civ5) Forest (Civ5)
Indian Indian (Civ5) Grassland (Civ5)
Dutch Dutch (Civ5) Grassland (Civ5)
Russian Russian (Civ5) Tundra (Civ5)
Swedish Swedish (Civ5) Tundra (Civ5)
Mongolian Mongolian (Civ5) Plains (Civ5)
Polish Polish (Civ5) Plains (Civ5)
Shoshone Shoshone (Civ5) Plains (Civ5)
Austrian Austrian (Civ5) Hill (Civ5)
Incan Incan (Civ5) Hill (Civ5)
Zulu Zulu (Civ5) Avoid Jungle (Civ5)
Egyptian Egyptian (Civ5) Avoid Jungle (Civ5) and Forest (Civ5)
Siamese Siamese (Civ5) Avoid Forest (Civ5)
Hunnic Hunnic (Civ5) Avoid Forest (Civ5) and Jungle (Civ5)
Assyrian Assyrian (Civ5) Avoid Tundra (Civ5)
Babylonian Babylonian (Civ5) Avoid Tundra (Civ5)
Songhai Songhai (Civ5) Avoid Tundra (Civ5)

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