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Game info Edit

  • Domestic orbital unit. Unlocked at Ballistics.
  • Doubles trade route yields and Defense from Stations and prevents abandonment.

The Station Sentinel is quite useful at many stages in the game for trading. While you may be unable to connect a trade route with a station, you can always pull up a station sentinel to prevent it from abandoning while you clear out Miasma or other obstacles.

Orbital specifications Edit

Subject Station Sentinel
Tech Prerequisites Ballistics
Resource Cost None
Production Cost 80 20xProductionBE Production
Orbital zone radius 0 (single tile)
Orbital Duration 60 turns

Doubles trade route yields and Defense from

Stations and prevents abandonment

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Station Sentinel is a carefully designed protective device, created with the intention of helping to defend our neighbors. By carefully analyzing the surrounding territory and linking its control system into a station's defensive network, the Station sentinel is able to help accurately target and stop enemy assaults. In return, stations we protect will provide us with increased benefits from our Trade Routes. ]=]; Help=[=[Doubles trade route yields from the station underneath it. Also doubles this station's defense, and prevents it from being abandoned.