Superconductors - 6500 Beaker

A technology introduced in BtS
Required techs Refrigeration or Computers
Leads to Genetics (with Medicine)
Units enabled None
Buildings enabled Laboratory
Research Institute
SS Thrusters
Era Modern

"What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Superconductors is a new technology in the Beyond the Sword expansion pack.


Superconductors allow the construction of the Laboratory and SS Thrusters.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Superconductivity is a property of certain metals and ceramics that allows them to conduct electricity with absolutely no resistance. This superconductive property only emerges at extremely cold temperatures, meaning that their creation demands an in-depth knowledge of low-temp techniques.

Since its discovery, the superconductor has found its way into high-power magnets, MRIs (magnetic resonance imagers) and power storage devices that would never have been possible without its unique properties. An interesting side effect of the superconductor is the production of a powerful magnetic field that can produce a levitating effect, called the Meissner Effect, which some hope to translate into the hovering vehicles that were once nothing more than the dreams of science-fiction fans.