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Affinity BonusEdit

  • Supremacy believes in the advancement of technology and science. Their civilizations start the game with one random Wonder already built.

Ship PartsEdit

Supremacy Shield (Starships)

Armor increases the amount of damage your ship can take. (Increases your HP by 30).

Sup Engines (Starships)

Upgrading Engines increases speed and maneuverability which helps you to reach the most advantageous battle locations.

Sup Hangar (Starships)

Small, fast, and dangerous – but extremely fragile. Your starship can launch one fighter group per battle turn.

Sup Weapon Seg Laser (Starships)

Lasers are long range energy weapons. Find a clean line of fire for maximum effect.

Sup Weapon Seg Cannon (Starships)

Plasma Cannon
High-energy kinetic weapons: cannons have a shorter range than lasers, but do a lot of damage.

Sup Sensor (Starships)

You can’t shoot’em if you can’t see’em. Activating your sensors will reveal any cloaked enemy starships within your sensor range.

Supremacy Shield (Starships)

Shields absorb energy from enemy weapons, reducing damage. Damaged shields will recover after each turn.

Sup Stealth (Starships)

They can’t shoot you if they can’t see you. When stealth is activated, you are invisible to ships outside of your stealth radius.

Sup Front Weapon (Starships)

Slow moving but powerful, torpedoes can flush out enemy ships in cover. You can choose the perfect moment to detonate these weapons. Torpedoes are replenished at the start of each mission.

Leader BonusEdit

Barre (Starships)

The leader Barre (Benevolent) reduces the cost of cities by 25%

Bolivar (Starships)

The leader Bolivar (Warrior) starts with an additional starship.

Elodie (Starships)

The leader Elodie (Charismatic) causes crew morale to increase by 10%

Fielding (Starships)

The leader Fielding (Economist) generates 50 credits per city each turn.

Hutama (Starships)

The leader Hutama (Diplomat) always gets a first visit influence bonus.

Kavitha (Starships)

The leader Kavitha (Humanitarian) starts with one extra city.

Kozlov (Starships)

The leader Kozlov (Industrialist) increases metals production by 25%

Sochua (Starships)

The leader Sochua (Progressive) starts with two random tech upgrades.

See alsoEdit

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