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Surrogacy (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier N/A

Science 3216 20xScienceBE
Requires N/A
Leads to None

+40Purity (CivBE) Purity

Buildings enabled None
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled N/A
Units enabled N/A

Allows the Aegis unique unit, and increases Worker construction speed.

"Computational and human resources should never have been separate strategic assets."

- Suzanne Marjorie Fielding, Transplanetary Management, Methods, and Resources


Advances in mechatronics, bio-robotics and telerobotics led to interdisciplinary research teams being assembled to determine the practicality and utility of “surrogacy,” the operation of simulated humanoids remotely via the “transfer” of the human consciousness. Through a combination of hypercomputing and nootropics, coupled with quantum communication implants, a person could, while their physical body remained unconscious, project their consciousness to experience and control a “surrogate” body at a distance (limited only by the quantum state). While applications in exploration, combat and construction are apparent and the technology is readily accessible, it has been a matter of intense debate as to whether surrogacy offers any significant benefits over autonomous robots, artificial intelligence or telerobots. Nonetheless, several settlements have proceeded to create centers for surrogate control, although use of these are as yet limited to accredited human operators monitored by medical personnel.

Game infoEdit

Secondary technology of Tier 3. +40 points towards Purity; allows the Aegis Unique unit; +10% Worker speed.

Linked TechnologiesEdit

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