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Swarm Robotics
Swarm Robotics (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier 2

Science 770 20xScienceBE
Requires Robotics
Leads to None

+18Harmony (CivBE) Harmony

Buildings enabled Drone Sphere
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Unlocks the Drone Sphere Wonder.

"The capacity for stupid agents to produce smart outcomes has a lesson for the manager. Your employees do not need to know very much for you to get the desired results."

- Suzanne Marjorie Fielding, Transplanetary Management, Methods, and Resources


One of the latest advances in robotics, the use of small, simple robots in a scalable, coordinated behavioral system is termed “swarm robotics.” Although pioneered on Old Earth in the early 21st Century, swarm robotics did not become viable until nanotechnology made possible microbots. Programmed with algorithms simulating the interactive behaviors of insects in developing swarm intelligence, these collections of microbots utilize radio, ultrasonic and/or infrared communications to coordinate activity. Most such swarms employ physicomimetics in a distributed computing network for programming purposes, although recently some advances in autonomous microbot swarms with emergent artificial group intelligence show promise. Uses of swarm robots by the colonies are numerous, ranging from subsurface mining to agricultural foraging, from orbital construction to biometric surveillance.