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Game infoEdit

  • Military satellite. Requires Communications technology.
  • Units in range +20% CS, +20% RS, +5 healing/turn
  • Lifetime: 60 turns.
  • Range: 2 tiles.


The Tacnet hub provides advanced tactical and logistical support to all friendly units in its area-of-effect. This transfers to combat bonuses and increased Healing rate. Launch it above a future or current battleground to gain the upper hand in combat.

Thanks to its accessible technology, modest production price, and lack of strategic resource requirements, it is easy to field. It functions as a force-multiplier for ground units underneath it, so how effective it is will depend on where it is deployed and what is deployed along with it. It is ideal for bolstering defense inside your own territory against invaders, though if you have the deployment range it can help an attacking force overcome resistance in hostile territory. Attempting to deploy it near an enemy city will be ineffective, but if deployed just outside their anti-orbital strike range it can assist ranged units in wearing down the city more effectively.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

To a colony of lesser technological achievement, the TacNet Hub would almost appear magical. Those who make use of TacNet seem blessed by the gods of war. Their soldiers are stronger. Their wounds heal more quickly. In truth, there is nothing magical at all. The only thing at work is the ability to gather and transmit intelligence and data almost instantaneously. Armies are not stronger – they simply know more about their opponent’s plan of attack. They are not in possession of magnificent healing – they simply have access to their colony’s greatest medical minds.