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Tank (CTP1)
Attack 16
Ranged Attack 16
Defend 10
Moves 6
Vision 2
Cost 2000
Required technologies

Tank Warfare

Made obsolete by


Other attributes


The Tank is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Unit InfoEdit

The Tank is the fastest and most powerful of the Information Age units.

Historical InfoEdit

As Explosives and Mass Production, provided a fusion of weapons, chassis, and horsepower, the Tank evolved from a creeping, heavy machine gun nest, to a fast king of war. To match the new Tank, armies developed new tactics. These new strategies involved using a combination of tanks, aircraft, artillery, infantry, and radios to form a single organism of rapid warfare. Attackers focused on breaking through the enemy lines, disrupting enemy command and communication, and then encircling the blinded, confused front-line.

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