Tanks are a very basic unit in the warfare of Call to Power II; they come in many different types. In the default game there are ordinary tanks, and there are futuristic tanks. There are also two Modpacks available for CTP2 based on two theaters of WW2 called Western Front and Global. The only difference is in Western Front, French tanks exist, and in Global there are a few for Russian, American, and British.

Default gameEdit

WW2 Western Front CampaignEdit

In this scenario it is 1940 and the Germans are set to Blitzkrieg France. There are 2 scenarios included one called Defence of France if you pick France the other in this modpack is called Blitzkrieg if you pick the Germans.

Tank strategyEdit

Tanks can be outfitted to carry up to 3 units in the rules files. If you have a tank that's carrying one troop and you have a 12 stack of tanks each carrying a personnel (small land) units, you could create a stack of at least 24 units on one tile of land. As a rule of thumb, just because they are transporting troops does  not guarantee more fire power. If a tank is blown up while transporting units you lose that tank and the troops inside, even if they are carrying a commanding general unit. Your best bet is to have a stack of 12 tanks not laden with troops and then have the stack of 12 small land walking beside and have them attack second. Remember at any point when you attack and think you made a mistake you can retreat and re-group for a large frontal assault and defeat any enemy. One interesting thing to note is tanks in the 1940s are something of a novelty. They are a new technology and not many nations will build them due to their expensive construction costs; for instance a brand new S-35 can cost up to 20,000 gold if Rush bought in a town without a factory, 12,500 if rushed in a Town with a Factory.

WW2 Western Front (CTP2)

This is the opening scene from the game if you pick the Germans. Notice the variety of different tanks.

Types of TanksEdit

French tanksEdit

German TanksEdit

  • Pzkpfw II.....Panzer 2
  • Pzkpfw III....Panzer 3


  • Tank - same as original rules but the exception its skin is changed and features a white star on it meant to be a tank brought in on lend lease agreements from the American civilization. Germans get them but the computer never builds them because they are inferior to Panzers.

WW2 Global campaignEdit

American tanksEdit

British tanksEdit

Russian tanksEdit

German tanksEdit

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