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Technologies represent new scientific advancements or inventions for your civilization. Each technology you research unlocks new buildings, units, or other advancements, and researching certain technologies will allow you to enter a new era.

Technologies are organized into a "tech tree," which means that certain technologies are prerequisites for others. Technologies can be hurried through Eureka moments and are unlocked with Civ6 24x science Science.

List of technologiesEdit

Ancient Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Pottery (Civ6) Pottery
Animal Husbandry (Civ6) Animal Husbandry
Mining (Civ6) Mining
Sailing (Civ6) Sailing Found a city on the Coast.
Astrology (Civ6) Astrology Find a Natural Wonder.
Irrigation (Civ6) Irrigation Pottery Farm a resource.
Writing (Civ6) Writing Pottery Meet another civilization.
Archery (Civ6) Archery Animal Husbandry Kill a unit with a Slinger.
Masonry (Civ6) Masonry Mining Build a Quarry.
Bronze Working (Civ6) Bronze Working Mining Kill 3 Barbarians.
Wheel (Civ6) Wheel Mining Mine a resource.

Classical Era Edit

Medieval Era Edit

Renaissance Era Edit

Industrial Era Edit

Modern Era Edit

Atomic Era Edit

Information Era Edit

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