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Technologies represent new scientific advancements or inventions for your civilization. Each technology you research unlocks new buildings, units, or other advancements, and researching certain technologies will allow you to enter a new era.

Similarly to previous games in the series, Technologies are organized into a "tech tree," which means that certain technologies are prerequisites for others. Technologies which are available for research appear dark gray, while the ones not yet available appear light gray.

Technologies are developed through a continuous research process, the key to which is the Civ6Science Science stat. However, they can also be 'hurried' through Eureka moments.For more info on that, check the Science article.

List of technologiesEdit

Ancient Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Pottery (Civ6) Pottery - -
Animal Husbandry (Civ6) Animal Husbandry - -
Mining (Civ6) Mining - -
Sailing (Civ6) Sailing - Found a city on the Coast.
Astrology (Civ6) Astrology - Find a Natural Wonder.
Irrigation (Civ6) Irrigation Pottery Farm a resource. Hanging Gardens
Writing (Civ6) Writing Pottery Meet another civilization.
Archery (Civ6) Archery Animal Husbandry Kill a unit with a Slinger.
Masonry (Civ6) Masonry Mining Build a Quarry Pyramids, Great Wall
Bronze Working (Civ6) Bronze Working Mining Kill 3 Barbarians.
Wheel (Civ6) Wheel Mining Mine a resource.

Classical Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Celestial Navigation (Civ6) Celestial Navigation Sailing


Improve 2 Sea Resources Great Lighthouse
Currency (Civ6) Currency Writing Make a Trade Route
Horseback Riding (Civ6) Horseback Riding Animal Husbandry Build a Pasture
Iron Working (Civ6) Iron Working Bronze Working Build an Iron Mine
Shipbuilding (Civ6) Shipbuilding Sailing Own 2 Galleys Colossus
Mathematics (Civ6) Mathematics Currency Build 3 Specialty Districts Petra
Construction (Civ6) Construction Horseback Riding


Build a Water Mill Terracotta Army
Engineering (Civ6) Engineering Wheel Build Ancient Walls

Medieval Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Military Tactics (Civ6) Military Tactics Mathematics Kill a Unit with a Spearman
Apprenticeship (Civ6) Apprenticeship Currency

Horseback Riding

Build 3 Mine(s)
Stirrups (Civ6) Stirrups Horseback Riding Have the Feudalism Civic
Machinery (Civ6) Machinery Iron Working


Own 3 Archer Units
Education (Civ6) Education Apprenticeship


Earn a Great Scientist Hagia Sophia
Military Engineering (Civ6) Military Engineering Construction Build an Aqueduct
Castles (Civ6) Castles Iron Working Have a government with 6 policy slots Alhambra

Renaissance Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Cartography (Civ6) Cartography Shipbuilding Build 2 Harbor(s)
Mass Production (Civ6) Mass Production Education


Build a Lumber Mill Venetian Arsenal
Banking (Civ6) Banking Education



Have the Guilds civic Great Zimbabwe
Gunpowder (Civ6) Gunpowder Military Engineering



Build an Armory
Printing (Civ6) Printing Machinery Build 2 University(s) Forbidden City
Square Rigging (Civ6) Square Rigging Cartography Kill a unit with a Musketman
Astronomy (Civ6) Astronomy Education Build a University next to a Mountain Potala Palace
Metal Casting (Civ6) Metal Casting Gunpowder Own 2 Crossbowman
Siege Tactics (Civ6) Siege Tactics Castles Own 2 Bombards

Industrial Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Industrialization (Civ6) Industrialization Mass Production Build 3 Workshops Ruhr Valley
Scientific Theory (Civ6) Scientific theory Astronomy Have The Enlightenment civic Oxford University
Ballistics (Civ6) Ballistics Metal Casting Have 2 Forts in your territory
Military Science (Civ6) Military Science Siege Tactics


Kill a unit with a Knight
Steam Power (Civ6) Steam Power Square Rigging


Build 2 Shipyards
Sanitation (Civ6) Sanitation Scientific Theory Build 2 Neighborhoods
Economics (Civ6) Economics Banking
Metal Casting
Scientific Theory
Build 2 Banks Big Ben
Rifling (Civ6) Rifling Ballistics

Military Science

Build a Niter Mine

Modern Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Flight (Civ6) Flight Industrialization

Scientific Theory

Build an Industrial era or later wonder
Replaceable Parts (Civ6) Replaceable Parts Economics Own 3 Musketman
Steel (Civ6) Steel Ballistics Build a Coal Mine Eiffel Tower
Electricity (Civ6) Electricity Steam Power Own 3 Privateers
Radio (Civ6) Radio Steam Power


Build a National Park
Chemistry (Civ6) Chemistry Sanitation Complete a Research Agreement
Combustion (Civ6) Combustion Steel


Extract an Artifact

Atomic Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Advanced Flight (Civ6) Advanced Flight Radio Build 3 Biplanes
Rocketry (Civ6) Rocketry Radio


Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Launch Earth Satellite (first step toward Science Victory)
Advanced Ballistics (Civ6) Advanced Ballistics Steel

Replaceable Parts

Build 2 Power Plants
Combined Arms (Civ6) Combined Arms Steel


Build an Airstrip
Plastics (Civ6) Plastics Combustion Build an Oil Well
Computers (Civ6) Computers Electricity Have a government with 8 policy slots
Nuclear Fission (Civ6) Nuclear Fission Advanced Ballistics

Combined Arms

Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Manhattan Project
Synthetic Materials (Civ6) Synthetic Materials Plastics Build 2 Aerodromes

Information Era Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Telecommunications (Civ6) Telecommunications Computers Build 2 Broadcast Centers
Satellites (Civ6) Satellites Advanced Flight


Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Launch Moon Landing (second step towards Science Victory)
Guidance Systems (Civ6) Guidance Systems Rocketry

Advanced Ballistics

Kill a Fighter
Lasers (Civ6) Lasers Nuclear Fission Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
Composites (Civ6) Composites Synthetic Materials Own 3 Tanks
Stealth Technology (Civ6) Stealth Technology Synthetic Materials Boost through Great Scientist or Spy
Robotics (Civ6) Robotics Computers Have the Globalization civic Launch Mars Habitation (1/3 of the final step of the science victory)
Nuclear Fusion (Civ6) Nuclear Fusion Lasers Boost through Great Scientist or Spy Launch Mars Reactor (1/3 of the final step of the science victory)

Operation Ivy

Nanotechnology (Civ6) Nanotechnology Composites Build an Aluminium Mine Launch Mars Hydroponics (1/3 of the final step of the science victory)
Future Tech (Civ6) Future Tech Robotics

Nuclear Fusion


N/A Can be completed multiple times, increasing your points towards the Score Victory
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