Technology in the now free game Imperialism takes the shape of various discoveries of the Industrial Revolution that become available at irregular intervals from fairly early in the game.

List in approximate order of availabilityEdit

1815High Pressure Steam Engine -Engineers can build railroads between tiles that contain desert, farm, forest, plain, or tundra; (swamps need to wait for the iron bridge)
1815Seed Drill -Farmers improve grain farms and orchards to level I
1816Cotton Gin1000-Farmers improve cotton plantations to level I
1821Iron Railroad Bridge1500-Swamp is now available for railroads though at a cost of $300; more importantly, the bridge enables Forester unit, who can improve hardwood forest to level I
1823Streamlined Hulls Clipper Ship - cheaper and with no armor but faster than Indiaman or Paddlewheeler
1824Feed Grasses1500-Enables Rancher unit, who can improve wool farms and livestock ranches to level I
1825?Square-Set Timber -Miner upgrades mines to level II (4 units) at a cost of $1000 per time
1829Spinning Jenny3000 Farmer upgrades cotton plantation to level II. Rancher upgrades wool farm to level II.
1828-30Paddlewheels3000-Enables Paddlewheeler and Raider, (which still need lumber but use steel or arms, respectively, along with coal, instead of fabric)
1832Steel Plows3000 Farmers improve grain farms and orchards to level II
1837Bessemer Converter Build level 2 Forts; recruit Sharpshooters and Scouts, and convert Light infantry and Hussars to those units
1836Compound Steam Engine Engineer puts railroad through hills; Forester upgrades forest to level II
1844Rifled Artillery Recruit Field Artillery and Siege Artillery; upgrade older artillery to those units
1842Breech-Loading Rifles Recruit Rifle Infantry, Guards, and Carbine Cavalry and upgrade older units to those
1847Advanced Iron Working Ironclads
1846Power Loom Farmer improves Cotton and Rancher improves Wool to level III
1855Mechanical Reaper Farmer improves Grain farm to Level III
1860Commercial Fertilizer Farmer improves Orchard to level III
1858Oil Drilling Create Driller, produce Oil at level I, prospect for oil in desert and swamp, build Refinery and Power plant
1862Barbed Wire Rancher improves livestock ranch to level II

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