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Terraforming (CivBE)

Primary technology of Tier 2

Science 770 20xScienceBE
Requires Ecology
Leads to Planetary Engineering


Buildings enabled Gaian Well
Improvements enabled Terrascape
Floatstone Quarry
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows the Gaian Well building. Allows Workers to build the Terrascape and Floatstone Quarry tile improvements.

"Yes, the world is beautiful and unspoiled. But it is wrong. Correct it at once."

- Vadim Kozlov, Axioms from the Minutes of the Central Directorate


Although limited terraforming had taken place on Mars and Ganymede, it was some time before colonial administrators and scientists turned their attention to discovering techniques that would work on this planet. Once a staple in the science fantasy genre, this fledgling interdisciplinary “science” began to be taken seriously in 1961 AD with the publication of an article concerning the seeding of Venus with algae written by Carl Sagan, a respected Old Earth astronomer. Since then, planetary engineers have slightly altered the climate of Mars and Ganymede through the introduction of chlorofluorocarbons, unlocked water deposits on the Moon and Mars, and engaged in the initial stages of paraterraforming on Titan, Europa and Ceres. Research into terraforming on this planet has become a major pursuit by some colonial administrations hoping to prosper through radical ecological tinkering.

Game InfoEdit

Terraforming is a Primary Tech in tier 2 of the Tech Web. This technology allows construction of the Gaian Well, and allows workers to construct the Floatstone Quarry and the Terrascape Tile impovement.

There is no affinity linked to this technology.

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Terraforming literally means "Earth-shaping"; to alter a world to be more like Earth.