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Thomas Becket is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.

Stats Edit

  • Type of Great Person: Humanitarian
  • Tech Required: Feudalism

Gameplay Edit

Great Humanitarians bolster the growth of your nation. You may use them to increase the population of every city you own by one, or have them settle in a city and increase its growth rate by 50%.

History Edit

The Englishman Thomas Becket (1118 - 1170 AD) was born of a good family and was educated at the University of Paris and later at the University of Bologna. In 1161 Henry II of England appointed Becket the Archbishop of Canterbury, according to legend much against Becket's advice. Once he was made Archbishop, Becket firmly opposed Henry's ceaseless attempts to weaken the power of the Church. After years of conflict, Becket was murdered by close allies of Henry in Canterbury Cathedral. For his efforts to defend the church's freedoms, he was made a saint.

Fun Facts Edit

In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the pilgrims who populate his story are traveling to the shrine of Thomas Becket.

Thomas Becket was a close friend of the English King, Henry II, who appointed him the archbishop of Canterbury. The deterioration of this close friendship is often cited as one of the reasons the feud between the two became so bitter.