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Tile improvements are modifications on tiles created by Builders to improve tile yields, gain resources, or provide infrastructure. Constructing an improvement consumes one Builder charge. In most cases, tile improvements may only be built within a civilization's territory or in a City State when the Player is the Suzerain. Tile Improvements are unlocked with Technology.

Tile improvements may only be constructed on certain types of terrain, or on Resources. They may not be constructed on tiles that already contain a city district or wonder. Like districts, some improvements gain an adjacency bonus for being built next certain types of terrain, other improvements, resources, or wonders.

Builders can Remove Marshes when Irrigation is researched and can Remove Rainforest when Bronze Working is researched.

Builders can Plant Woods after the Conservation civic is discovered.

Roads may not be built by Builders. Aside from Traders which build roads as they establish trade routes, only the Military Engineer unit or the Roman Legion can build roads.

National Parks are not tile improvements per se. They can only be created by Naturalists by designating the tiles which are to form part of the National Park. The Naturalist is consumed after this action.

List of Tile ImprovementsEdit

Name Technology Terrain Resource Base Yield Modifier & Notes
Farm Grasslands, Plains, or Resource.

Can build Farms on Grassland Hills and Plains Hills (must be adjacent to fresh water) with Civil Engineering.

Wheat6 Wheat

Rice6 Rice

+1 Civ6 24x foodFood
Adds 0.5 Housing6 Housing

+1 Civ6 24x food Food for each adjacent Farm when 3 Farms are adjacent to each other (Feudalism),
+1 Civ6 24x food Food for each adjacent Farm improvement (Replaceable Parts).

Mine Mining Hills or Resource Copper, Gems (Civ6) Diamonds, Iron, Mercury6 Mercury, Niter, Coal, Aluminum, Uranium +1 Civ6 24x production Production

+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Apprenticeship),
+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Industrialization).

Quarry Mining Only on Resource Stone6 Stone, Marble, Gypsum +1 Civ6 24x production Production

+1 Civ6 30x gold Gold (Banking),
+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Rocketry)

Plantation Irrigation Only on Resource Bananas, Citrus6 Citrus, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Dyes, Silk, Sugar, Tea, Tobacco, Wine +1 Civ6 30x gold Gold
Adds 0.5 Housing6Housing

+1 Civ6 24x food Food (Scientific Theory),
+1 Civ6 30x gold Gold (Globalization).

Camp Animal Husbandry Only on Resource Deer, Fur, Ivory, Truffles +1 Civ6 30x gold Gold
Adds 0.5 Housing6Housing

+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Mercantilism),
+1 Civ6 30x gold Gold (Synthetic Materials)

Pasture Animal Husbandry Only on Resource Sheep6 Sheep, Horses, Cattle6Cattle +1 Civ6 24x production Production
Adds 0.5 Housing6 Housing

+1 Civ6 24x food Food (Exploration),
+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Robotics).

Fishing Boats Sailing Only on Resource Fish, Crabs, Whales, Pearls +1 Civ6 24x food Food
Adds 0.5 Housing6 Housing

+1 Civ6 30x gold Gold (Cartography),
+1 Civ6 24x food Food (Plastics)

Lumber Mill Machinery Only on Woods feature Woods +1 Civ6 24x production Production

+1 Civ6 24x production Production if adjacent to River,
+1 Civ6 24x production Production (Steel).

Fort Siege Tactics Occupying unit receives +4 Defense Strength and 2 turns of fortification.

May also be built by a Military Engineer or a Roman Legion.

Airstrip Flight Flat Terrain +3 Aircraft Capacity

Built by Military Engineer.

Seaside Resort Radio Coastal Desert,

Coastal Plains,
Coastal Grassland

Minimum Appeal of "Breathtaking" Provides double the tile's Appeal in Tourism6 Tourism.

Double Tourism Output from Cristo Redentor.

Oil Well Combustion Only on Land Tiles with Oil resource Oil +2 Civ6 24x production Production
Missile Silo Rocketry +1 Missile Capacity

Built by Military Engineer, Acts as launch site for Nuclear and Thermonuclear Devices

Offshore Platform Plastics Only on Sea Tiles with Oil resource Oil +2 Civ6 24x production Production

The following are unique improvements for certain civilizations or city-states:

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