Tobacconist's House (Civ4Col)

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Tobacconist's House
Tobacconist's House (Civ4Col)
Required building None
Allows Tobacconist's Shop
Hammer required 0
Tools (Civ4Col) required 0

Allows 2 colonists to each produce 3 Cigars from 3 Tobacco per turn.

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While tobacco was also grown in the Caribbean and South America, few climates favored the plant quite like Virginia. So popular was the tobacco of the North America that even tobacco growers elsewhere in the world imported Virginia's stock. Because of the ease from which a profit could be made, a plethora of small tobacco farms cropped up throughout the mid-Atlantic region. These small tobacconists, also known as "oronookos," named for the type of tobacco they planted, were small scale producers of the plant, usually working alone to plant, harvest, dry and process their wares.

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