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Tokugawa Ieyasu is the leader of the Japanese civilization in the original Civilization. Japan and Tokugawa are only in the SNES version.


Tokugawa is famous for having been the man that united Japan and changed the country from a collection of Feudal Provinces into a United country. Because of this he is considered by historians to be the founding father of Japan.

Leaders traits and GameplayEdit

This leader is very expansionist and will go to great lengths to expand his borders but this leader is not Militaristic such as his Mongolian counterpart Genghis Khan. if your playing the Earth scenario, and the Chinese or the Mongolians are also in the game the Japanese will not be able to expand very much into Asia. the map of the Earth is not static for instance some times when you play the earth scenario there's a land bridge to Korea and other times there is not. If there is a land bridge to Asia then the Japanese will put building Ships on low priority.

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