Tourism6 Tourism is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It is closely related to Civ6Culture Culture and is key to one of the possible victory types - specifically, Cultural Victory.

Mechanics Edit

Tourism6 Tourism represents the special cultural appeal of a civilization to foreign civilizations. Unlike regular Civ6Culture Culture, it can't be used for anything by the civilization that produces it - instead, it applies steady pressure to all other civilizations that the player has already met. This pressure accumulates over time, attracting tourists to the various sources of Tourism6 Tourism in your lands, and eventually it may lead your civilization to a Cultural Victory.

Note that you start applying pressure to civilizations from the moment you meet them. So, exploration is very important for a Cultural Victory.

Tourism6 Tourism is divided into two types:

The two types are affected by different gameplay elements. For example, it is possible (in fact quite easy) that the effect of Religious Tourism is completely negated for a certain nation, while General Tourism is much more resilient, and may be boosted in various ways.

You can always see the tourists currently visiting by using a special Lens - it will display all places on the map attracting tourists, and how many are currently visiting there. Mousing over will show you what exactly is providing Tourism6 Tourism there, and how much. Alternatively, you can check the Culture screen under World Rankings, from which you can see what progress each nation has made towards a Cultural Victory, and how many tourists from each nation you are attracting. Also, when mousing over this number, you will see a breakdown of bonuses and penalties affecting your total output to this nation.

Output Bonuses and Penalties Edit

Tourism6 Tourism output is measured on a nation-by-nation basis. Besides the raw Tourism6 Tourism you produce, there are various other factors that affect your output - some positively, others negatively. The formula used to calculate the final result is rather complex:

  1. Religious Tourism penalties (there are never bonuses here) are calculated. They involve only that part of Tourism6 Tourism which is generated by religion (see below). The percentage penalties mentioned are applied cumulatively - for example, if you have a base Religious Tourism of 20 and are suffering both penalties, your total Religious Tourism output will be 5 (20 * 0.5 * 0.5).
  2. General Tourism bonuses and penalties are then calculated from the obtained Tourism6 Tourism. All percentage modifiers are added together and applied as a sum - for example, if you have a base General Tourism of 100 with +25% and -15% modifiers, your total Tourism6 Tourism output will be 110 (100 * (1 + 0.25 - 0.15)) rather than 106.25 (100 * 1.25 * 0.85). Final results are always rounded down.

Output of Religious Tourism and General Tourism are affected by the following factors:

  • Different Religions: -50% Religious Tourism. Note that this penalty doesn't apply if you haven't founded a religion.
  • The other nation having developed The Enlightenment: -50% Religious Tourism.
  • TradeRoute6 Trade Route: +25% General Tourism.
  • Open Borders: +25% General Tourism.
  • Different Governments: Variable penalty to General Tourism. The penalty becomes greater as you adopt more advanced forms of government.

There are also a number of Policy Cards that can increase particular Tourism6 Tourism generators.

Sources Edit

Tourism6 Tourism is produced by very specific sources, which can be divided into three broad categories.

Great Works, Relics, and Artifacts Edit

The most important source of Tourism6 Tourism, as in Civilization V: Brave New World, are the amazing works created by your artistic geniuses, as well as the remnants of the past uncovered by eager Archaeologists digging around Antiquity Sites and Shipwrecks. Civilization VI also supplements these with a new type of item: Relic6 Relics, left by your bravest religious warriors.

Note that physically the Tourism6 Tourism produced by Great Works appears through the buildings where they are housed - that means that Theater Squares could appear as major sources of Tourism6 Tourism, just because of the Great Works housed in their buildings.

Buildings and Improvements Edit

All Wonders in the game generate a small amount of Tourism6 Tourism from the moment they are constructed. Of course, if they have Great Works in them, this amount will increase greatly.

Seaside Resorts Edit

Seaside Resorts are a special improvement that can be built after researching the Radio technology. These generate Tourism6 Tourism based on the tile's Appeal.

National Parks Edit

Designating National Parks can greatly enhance Tourism6 Tourism and Amenities6 Amenities. A National Park's Tourism6 Tourism output is equal to the total Appeal of all the tiles included in the park. This potentially turns it into the greatest Tourism6 Tourism contributor in the game...provided you can find suitable spots in your lands.

Religious Tourism Edit

Religious Tourism is Tourism6 Tourism generated by Relic6 Relics, as well as the bonus Tourism6 Tourism from your Holy City. It depends not on the general curiosity of people, but on the pious fervor of pilgrims eager to explore the holy sites and touch the relics of your particular religion. The appeal of these factors diminishes by 50% if the pilgrims' religion is different from your own, and after their nation develops culturally and discovers The Enlightenment civic, a further 50% penalty is applied. However, the first penalty doesn't apply to civilizations which have no official religion (including those that have partially converted), and the second can be circumvented by building Cristo Redentor.

Domestic Tourists vs. Visiting Tourists Edit

There are two types of tourists, both of which are important when it comes to Cultural Victory. You can track their numbers in the Cultural Victory tab of the Victory screen: the white suitcase under each nation indicates the number of their Domestic Tourists, while the colored one indicates the number of Visiting Tourists.

  • Domestic Tourists are the "internal" tourists of a nation, those that visit the sights and enjoy the events in their homeland, as opposed to other lands. They are attracted over time by your civilization's Civ6Culture Culture production: the more you are producing, the more Domestic Tourists you will have. This is important because it directly influences other civilizations going for a Cultural Victory: as long as you have many Domestic Tourists, they will have to struggle that much harder to win culturally!
  • Visiting Tourists are the "external" tourists, coming from other nations to visit your own. As stated above, they are attracted by your civilization's Tourism6 Tourism output. But it is also important to note that each Visiting Tourist is directly subtracted from the Domestic Tourists pool of other civilizations! You can visualize this if you track their Domestic Tourists growth in the moments other civilizations take their turns, and then compare the numbers after the process ends. You will notice that they reach a certain number, which goes down afterwards - this is because your civilization's Tourism6 Tourism effect is calculated last, and it has taken out some Domestic Tourists to turn them into your Visiting Tourists.

Strategy Edit

Just as high Civ6Culture Culture output gives Domestic Tourists plenty of interesting places to visit within a nation's borders, high Tourism6 Tourism output attracts Visiting Tourists from other parts of the world. A player can win a Culture Victory by attracting more Visiting Tourists to his or her civilization than any other civilization has Domestic Tourists, so culturally oriented players will also want to focus on generating as much Tourism6 Tourism as possible.

In addition to the sources of Tourism6 Tourism detailed above, a number of Great People have special abilities which will help increase Tourism6 Tourism output:

Players who are seeking a Culture Victory should save up Civ6Gold Gold and/or Civ6Faith Faith to patronize these Great People in the later eras of the game. Three of the Economic Policy Cards that become available late in the game are also extremely helpful:

Aside from these, players who want to maximize their Tourism6 Tourism gain should try to sign Open Borders treaties with friendly neighbors, make sure that their Art Museums and Archaeological Museums are properly themed, and create National Parks and Seaside Resorts whenever possible.

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