Trade Goods (Civ4Col)

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Trade Goods
Trade Goods (Civ4Col)
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Trade goods can be obtained only in Europe or from other European settlements. These represent manufactured goods such as small tools, jewelry, and clothing, which the Indians may want to trade for. Most Natives will gladly take trade goods, at least at first.

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Trade Goods can be used to trade with Natives.


Because of the great technological disparities between the natives of the New World and the natives of the Old, Europeans crossing to the Americas found that many goods and trinkets they took for granted were highly-prized by peoples across the sea. While relatively skilled in working gold and silver, the New World natives were much less so in iron or sand, so to them metal and glass carried a value that far surpassed their value to the Europeans. Iron and copper pots and multi-colored glass beads, commonplace goods in Europe, could be traded for a pretty penny in the New World. In fact, European traders often made sure to carry extra trade goods just in case they needed to buy themselves out of a sticky situation.