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Trade Routes are a feature in Civilization VI. Similar to Civilization V: Brave New World and Beyond Earth, trade routes can be established between cities.

Aside from increasing the gold income for your empire, trade routes automatically construct roads and can provide increased diplomatic visibility revealing gossip on rival civilizations.

Establishing Trade RoutesEdit


Trade routes are established with the Trader unit. Similar to the Trade Convoy in Beyond Earth: Rising Tide, the Trader is a singular unit that may trade across land or sea. To build a Trader, the Foreign Trade civic must be researched.

Route MechanicsEdit

Land RoutesEdit

A trader unit will automatically construct a road between the cities along the route. Land route range is 15 tiles.

Sea RoutesEdit

Sea route range is 30 tiles.

Potential Destinations for TradeEdit

You can establish trade routes with your own cities, with rival civilization's cities, or with City-States.

Principles of TradingEdit

Trading with Your Own CitiesEdit

Internal trade routes can be established between your own cities.

Trading with Other CivilizationsEdit

International trade routes can be established with rival civilizations. Aside from providing gold income, these trade routes also serve as the most basic form of espionage, as rumors will trickle down the trade routes enabling you to learn of developments in rival civilizations.

Trading with City-StatesEdit

You can also establish routes with City-States.

Plundering Trade RoutesEdit

Trade routes are vulnerable to attack. Hostile entities, such as Barbarians, may attack your unguarded trade routes.

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