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Trajan (18 September 53 - 8 August 117) was a soldier and the Emperor of Rome from 98 AD until his death. He leads the Romans in Civilization VI.

In-Game Edit

Trajan's unique Agenda, Optimus Princeps, means he tries to include as much territory as possible into his empire, and he dislikes civilizations who control little territory.

His Leader Ability is Trajan's Column. All cities start with an additional City Center building. (Starts with a Monument building in the Ancient era).

Lines Edit

Agenda-Based Approval: The reach of your empire is as Jupiter's over the heavens. Well done.

(Simile Iovis caelesti regno imperium tui late patet. Optime.)

Agenda-Based Disapproval: You have given over the richest areas of your kingdom to your enemies to be despoiled. Do I really hear that expansion terrifies you?

(Ditissimas tui regni regiones diripendas hostibus davisti. Num propagatio audio te terret?)

Greeting: Hail, stranger. I am the Imperator Caesar Trajan of far-reaching Rome. Who are you and what lands can you claim as your own?

(Ave, viator. Augustae Romae Imperator Caesar Traianus sum. Quis es? Quae terra patria vocas?)

Attacked: Your insolence will lead you to death. Rome is able to be defeated by no force.

(Insolentia ad mortem te ducet. A nulla vi Roma vinci potest.)

Declares War: The die is cast.

(Alea iacta est.)

Intro Edit

Cast your net wide, oh Trajan, emperor of mighty Rome. Your legions stand at the ready to march out and establish the largest empire the world has ever seen. If you can truly get all roads to lead to Rome, yours will be an empire of great riches and luxuries. Surely then our citizens will proclaim you as their best ruler, the Optimus Princeps.

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