Tribal Village

Tribal Villages are inhabited by non-civilized natives who, unlike Barbarians, are friendly to civilizations. They utilize the same mechanics as Ancient Ruins in Civilization V - the first civilization whose unit enters their tile receives some kind of bonus. The village is removed from the game immediately afterwards, meaning that this is a one-time bonus which will only be given to the first civilization to find and "activate" the village.

Bonuses vary wildly. Below is a list of known bonuses bestowed by Tribal Villages:

  • 20-50 Civ6Gold Gold.
  • 20 Civ6Faith Faith.
  • Villagers share their technological secrets: boost to a random technology.
  • Villagers share the secrets of their well-ordered society: boost to a random civic.
  • You find the secret of a completely new technology. (This is not a boost; it is a new tech!)
  • Free Scout appears in the Capital6 Capital.
  • Free Trader unit appears in the Capital6 Capital.
  • Free Builder unit appears in your nearest city.
  • Survivors decide to join you: +1 Citizen6 Population in a city.
  • The villagers take care of the injuries of your men: the unit which activated the village is healed to full health. (Can only activate if the unit was injured.)
  • The villagers train your men: free Promotion for the unit which activated the village.
  • Villagers give you a sacred Relic6 Relic.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Tribal villages were where the unwashed, uncivilized lived. Out beyond the pale. When explorers from “civilized” places arrived in these villages, the natives often greeted them with open arms, gifts, information, awe and respect. Tribal villages were distinguished from civilized settlements by a number of factors – their faiths tended to be experiential, their government local, their economies barter-based, their laws commonsensical, their organizations cooperative (rather than competitive), their social structures straightforward, their families extended, and their culture practical. In fact, some of these tribal villages evolved into cities, where none of that primitivism survived.