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Tubers (CivBE)

Resource in Beyond Earth

Yields +1 20xFoodBE
Notes None
Stem tubers – the kind most commonly found on this planet – have thickened rhizomes and/or stolons. On Old Earth, among the stem tubers could be numbered begonias, cyclamen, mignonette vine, the African mints dazo and rizga, and the common potato. The latter were transported with the colonial missions, but many native stem tubers were found by the early settlers to be equally or more nutritious; this being the case, agronomists soon replaced potatoes with these as a staple in colonial agriculture. Offshoots quickly developed from cultivated tubers, creating new plants, while the top side of seed tubers developed into stems and leaves as the underside became roots. Virtually every part of the native tubers proved edible. Selective breeding and genetic engineering made the indigenous varieties of tubers ever more satisfying to the human palate, and cheaper to produce. In some settlements inclined to adapt to rather than dominate the native ecology a new cuisine arose centered on the many uses of the modified tubers. A number of colonial medical researchers have recently begun investigating some of the folk remedies based on tubers… with promising results in the offing.

Improved by: Plantation

Yield +1 Food