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"Two Nations on each Peninsula" is one of the predesigned maps available with the free game C-evo.

Not over-large at 122% size, with only a small percentage land, it is a fairly well-designed map with enough space for each of its 15 nations to build a few cities but not so huge that it will be tiresome to keep track of all of the human's cities.

As there are 23 possible starting positions, not all of the loosely-named "peninsulas" (being normal peninsulas except for narrow land bridges joining pairs of them) will have two nations. The land bridges and resulting lakes lend themselves to defensive strategies involving the use of air units to block enemy ground and naval units.

There are no fish or manganese or desert tiles; there are only eight hills, none within half a dozen steps of any starting position. Forests, jungles, and mountains dominate the interior but are largely absent from the outer regions, while rivers are mostly in the interior. The mountain chains shelter all of the dead lands, which provide somewhat more than the standard six rare mineral tiles.

Some pairings of starting positions can leave a nation with as few as two land tiles in its territory in addition to its capital tile. That could be considered a design fault, which a player could correct with a few edits of the map. A consolation is that such a situation will become obvious from the first turn, giving a player a chance to give up in despair and restart without having wasted much time - or to continue with a real challenge. Anyone who has succeeded with one of those is urged to post a game report here!

Winnable at "Hard" level, with a bit of luck, but one of those very restrictive starting positions may make it marginal or impossible. It rather depends on how the other 14 nations are arranged around the perimeter.]]