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Since Warlords, every civilization in Civilization IV has had their own unique building. A unique building, or UB for short, is a building that can only be built by that civilization. It always replaces some other building, not allowing that one to be built at all.

Civilization Unique building Replaces Difference
America Mall Supermarket
Arabia Madrassa Library
  • +2 Culture
  • Can turn 2 Citizens into Priests
Aztec Sacrificial Altar Courthouse
  • -30 Production cost (on normal speed games)
  • Halves anger duration from sacrificing population
Babylonia Garden Colosseum
Byzantium Hippodrome Theatre
  • Cannot turn citizens into artists, unlike in the regular Theatre
  • Happiness from Horses instead of Dye
  • +1 Happiness
  • +1 Happiness per 5% culture rate, instead of per 10%
Carthage Cothon Harbor
  • +20 production cost (on normal speed games)
  • +1 trade route
Celts Dun Walls
China Pavilion Theatre
  • +25% culture bonus for the city it's built in
Egypt Obelisk Monument
  • Can turn 2 Citizens into Priests
England Stock Exchange Bank
Ethiopia Stele Monument
France Salon Observatory
Germany Assembly Plant Factory
  • Can turn 4 Citizens into Engineers, rather than 2
  • Double construction speed with Coal
Greece Odeon Colosseum
Holy Roman Empire Rathaus Courthouse
  • -75% Maintenance instead of -50%
Inca Terrace Granary
India Mausoleum Jail
  • +2 Happiness
Japan Shale Plant Coal Plant
  • Doesn't require Coal to build
  • Provides +10% production
Khmer Baray Aqueduct
Korea Seowon University
  • +35% Science rather than +25%
Mali Mint Forge
Mayans Ball Court Colosseum
  • +2 Happiness
Mongolia Ger Stable
  • +2 experience to new Mounted units
Native America Totem Pole Monument
  • +3 experience to new Archery units
Netherlands Dike Levee
  • Can be built by coastal cities as well as cities on rivers
  • +1 Production to water tiles
Ottomans Hammam Aqueduct
  • +2 Happiness
Persia Apothecary Grocer
  • +2 Health
Portugal Feitoria Customs House
  • +1 Commerce on water tiles
Rome Forum Market
  • +25% Great Person points
Russia Research Institute Laboratory
  • +2 Free Scientist specialists
Spain Citadel Castle
  • +5 experience points to Siege Units
Sumeria Ziggurat Courthouse
Vikings Trading Post Lighthouse
Zulu Ikhanda Barracks
  • +10 Production cost (on normal speed games)
  • -20% Maintenance

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