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In Civilization VI, a unique unit is a special unit that is only available to a specific civilization. Some leaders also have unique abilities that give them access to unique units once they discover the appropriate technology or civic. Unique units do not require resources and have special attributes that make them superior to standard units.

Note that, unlike in Civilization V, unique units do not always replace standard units. When they do not, they are usually available at different technological levels than the respective standard unit, are typically stronger, and upgrade to a much later unit.

Below is a list of unique units which currently appear in the game, sorted by era.

Ancient EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Eagle Warrior (Civ6) Eagle Warrior Aztec Melee Warrior
Hoplite (Civ6) Hoplite Greece Anti-Cavalry Spearman
Maryannu Chariot Archer (Civ6) Maryannu Chariot Archer Egypt Ranged Heavy Chariot
Okihtcitaw R&F-Only Cree Recon Scout
Pítati Archer Nubia Ranged Archer
Viking Longship (Civ6) Viking Longship Harald Hardrada Naval Melee Galley
War-Cart (Civ6) War-Cart Sumeria Heavy Cavalry -

Classical EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Hetairoi Alexander Heavy Cavalry Horseman
Hypaspist Macedon Melee Swordsman
Immortal Persia Melee Swordsman
Legion (Civ6) Legion Rome Melee Swordsman
Ngao Mbeba (Civ6) Ngao Mbeba Kongo Melee Swordsman
Saka Horse Archer (Civ6) Saka Horse Archer Scythia Ranged -
Varu (Civ6) Varu India Heavy Cavalry Horseman

Medieval EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Berserker (Civ6) Berserker Norway Melee -
Crouching Tiger (Civ6) Crouching Tiger China Ranged -
Domrey Khmer Siege -
Impi R&F-Only Zulu Anti-Cavalry Pikeman
Jong Indonesia Naval Ranged Frigate
Keshig R&F-Only Mongolia Ranged/Cavalry -
Khevsur R&F-Only Georgia Melee -
Mamluk (Civ6) Mamluk Arabia Heavy Cavalry Knight
Samurai (Civ6) Samurai Japan Melee -
Winged Hussar Poland Heavy Cavalry -

Renaissance EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Conquistador (Civ6) Conquistador Spain Melee Musketman
De Zeven Provinciën R&F-Only Netherlands Naval Ranged Frigate
Hwacha R&F-Only Korea Ranged Field Cannon
Malón Raider R&F-Only Mapuche Light Cavalry -
Sea Dog (Civ6) Sea Dog England Naval Raider Privateer

Industrial EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Cossack (Civ6) Cossack Russia Light Cavalry Cavalry
Garde Impériale (Civ6) Garde Imperiale France Melee -
Highlander R&F-Only Scotland Recon Ranger
Minas Geraes (Civ6) Minas Geraes Brazil Naval Ranged Battleship
Redcoat (Civ6) Redcoat Victoria Melee -
Rough Rider (Civ6) Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt Heavy Cavalry -

Modern EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Digger Australia Melee Infantry
U-Boat (Civ6) U-Boat Germany Naval Raider Submarine

Atomic EraEdit

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
P-51 Mustang (Civ6) P-51 Mustang America Air Fighter Fighter

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

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