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Civ6 War-Cart concept art

War-Cart concept art

A unit is a mobile entity that can move around the map and perform various functions.

Units in Civilization VI are a little different than they were in previous games, featuring larger models with more exaggerated features. Much like in Civilization V, only one military unit can be placed on each tile, but specific types of land units may be attached to each other and given simultaneous commands. It will also be possible to combine similar units into powerful "Corps" units, much like the armies of Civilization Revolution.[1]

Types of unitsEdit

  • Civilian - Non-combatants.
  • Recon - Swift units that can explore quickly but not particularly strong in combat.
  • Melee - Strong melee units that fight in close combat.
  • Ranged - Skirmishers that bombard from afar.
  • Anti-cavalry - Melee units designed to counter cavalry units.
  • Light cavalry - Mounted skirmishes that use hit-and-run ranged attacks.
  • Heavy cavalry - Powerful mounted units that use melee attacks and disregard Zones of Control.
  • Siege - Units meant for taking down cities and districts, not other units.
  • Naval Melee - Boats that need to get up-close to attack.
  • Naval Ranged - Unit designed to bombard from sea.
  • Naval Raider - Units designed to pillage from coastline.
  • Naval Carrier - This is just the Aircraft Carrier.
  • Air Fighter - Aerial units to attack other aerial units.
  • Air Bomber - Aerial units that can conduct airstrikes.
  • Support - Special units that provide bonuses when paired up with another combat unit.
  • Religious - Units that facilitate the spread of religion.

List of unitsEdit

Civilian Edit

Recon Edit

Melee Edit

Ranged Edit

Anti-Cavalry Edit

Light Cavalry Edit

Heavy Cavalry Edit

Siege Edit

Naval Melee Edit

Naval Ranged Edit

Naval Raider Edit

Naval Carrier Edit

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Air Bomber Edit

Support Edit

Religious Edit


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