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Civ6 Berserker concept art

Berserker concept art

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A unit is a mobile entity that can move around the map and perform various functions in Civilization VI.

List of units by eraEdit

Era Ancient Classical Medieval Renaissance Industrial Modern Atomic Information
Recon Scout Ranger
Melee Warrior Swordsman Musketman Infantry Mechanized Infantry
Ranged Slinger and Archer Archer Crossbowman Field Cannon Machine Gun
Anti-cavalry Spearman Pikeman AT Crew Modern AT
Light cavalry Horseman Cavalry Helicopter
Heavy cavalry Heavy Chariot Knight Tank Modern Armor
Siege Catapult Bombard Artillery Rocket Artillery
Naval Melee Galley Caravel Ironclad Destroyer
Naval Raider Privateer Submarine Nuclear Submarine
Naval Ranged Quadrireme Frigate Battleship Missile Cruiser
Naval Carrier Aircraft Carrier
Air Fighter Biplane Fighter Jet Fighter
Air Bomber Bomber Jet Bomber
Support Battering Ram Siege Tower Military Engineer Medic Observation Balloon Anti-Air Gun Mobile SAM

List of unitsEdit

Civilian Edit

Recon Edit

Melee Edit

Ranged Edit

Anti-Cavalry Edit

Light Cavalry Edit

Heavy Cavalry Edit

Siege Edit

Naval Melee Edit

Naval Ranged Edit

Naval Raider Edit

Naval Carrier Edit

Air Fighter Edit

Air Bomber Edit

Support Edit

Religious Edit


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