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The University is the ultimate education facility! Assigning a Free Colonist, Indentured Servant, Converted Native, or Petty Criminal to the Student profession here will allow them to adopt the specialization of any Specialist unit in your settlement at a breakneck pace! You must construct a Lumber Mill before you can construct this building.


By 1538, little over forty years after Columbus first made landfall in the New World, a group of Spanish Dominican monks founded what would become the first university in the Americas. The University of Santo Domingo was the first of many grand bodies of higher education that would develop across the hemisphere. The first college in North America to become a university was Virginia's College of William and Mary, which increased its status in 1779. Other colleges, including one in Massachusetts named for its patron, John Harvard, would develop into some of the world's premier universities.

Civilization IV: Colonization Buildings

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