Ur is a city that can be built by Babylon on the original Sid Meier's Civilization.
Sumer (Civ1)

This shows the location of Ur (Sumer on map) in Civilization I. The second Babylonian City to the north is Urartu. The two tiles in between represent Assyria and Babylonia Proper. Also visible is Athens and another city.


  • 4500-4000 BC - The area of what became Ur was first settled.
  • c.3400 BC - The city was founded.
  • c.1700 BC - United with Babylonia.
  • 4th Century BC - was controlled by Alexander and his Greek Civilization.
  • c.13th century AD - Attacked by Mongolian civilization.
  • 21st century AD - Britain, Australia, and international allies occupied a base somewhere in the same tile as Ur, in a city known as Basra, although what was Basra in the early 21st century was also known as Kish during the Babylonian era.