• AHeapOfFilth

    Here are more possible Civ. VI leaders....

    The Ottomans:

    Ancient/Classical- Mehmed II

    Medieval/Renaissance- Suleiman

    Industrial/Modern/Future- Abdul Hamid II


    Ancient/Classical- Cyaxares

    Medieval/Renaissance- Cyrus

    Industrial/Modern/Future- Darius III

    And I have ideas for new Civs....

    The Cossacks


    Ancient/Classical- Bogdan Hmelnitski

    Medieval/Renaissance- Petro Doroshenko

    Industrial/Modern/Renaissance- Ivan Mazepa

    Special Ability- Khmelnytski Uprising: Military units have a +50% combat bonus when defending and a +25% combat bonus when attacking with a non-military unit in the same or an ajacent tile. Non-military units can ONLY defend themselves with a strength of 10.

    Unique Buildings/Units:

    Cossack Horseman (Same abilities as previous uniq…

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  • AHeapOfFilth

    I haven't gone over every civilization and the possible leaders, but I have a few suggestions.....

    Each civilization will have 3 different leaders for the different eras. One of the earliest of the leaders of the civilization will lead in the Ancient and Classical era, a leader from the civilization's middle period will lead in the Medieval and Renaissance eras, and one of the latest (or last) leaders from that civilization will lead in the Industrial, Modern, and, if added, Future eras. I am basing Civ VI after its predecessor, Civ V. Here's some of my ideas...


    Ancient and Classical eras- George Washington

    Medieval and Renaissance eras- Abraham Lincoln

    Industrial, Modern, and Future eras- Franklin D. Roosevelt


    Ancient and Classica…

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