Here are more possible Civ. VI leaders....

The Ottomans:

Ancient/Classical- Mehmed II

Medieval/Renaissance- Suleiman

Industrial/Modern/Future- Abdul Hamid II


Ancient/Classical- Cyaxares

Medieval/Renaissance- Cyrus

Industrial/Modern/Future- Darius III

And I have ideas for new Civs....

The Cossacks


Ancient/Classical- Bogdan Hmelnitski

Medieval/Renaissance- Petro Doroshenko

Industrial/Modern/Renaissance- Ivan Mazepa

Special Ability- Khmelnytski Uprising: Military units have a +50% combat bonus when defending and a +25% combat bonus when attacking with a non-military unit in the same or an ajacent tile. Non-military units can ONLY defend themselves with a strength of 10.

Unique Buildings/Units:

Cossack Horseman (Same abilities as previous unique unit)

Sich- Replaces Castle, same abilities of a Castle, but grants new military units a random promotion that relates to that unit (land units get land promotions, etc.), and promotions are at random levels.



Ancient/Classical- David

Medieval/Renaissance- Solomon

Industrial/Modern/Future- David Ben-Gurion

Special Ability- Temple on the Mount: Temples provide +50% Gold and +1 Happiness to a city, and have no Gold maintanence. +2 Faith in cities built on hills.

Unique Units/Buildings:

Temple Guard- Replaces Spearmen, retains bonus against mounted units, +100% combat bonus when the Capital has the state religion as the dominant religion. Gains 3 Faith to the empire whenever the Temple Guard defeats a unit from a civilization with a different religion.

Shin Bet HQ- Replaces Police Station, retains Police Station benefits, any spy who detects and eliminates an enemy spy in a city with a Shin Bet HQ gains the empire Gold and Science.

I'll think up more later...

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Ancient/Classical- Stephen I

Medieval/Renaissance- Matthias Corvinus

Industrial/Modern/Future- Janos Kadar

Special Ability- Kadarism: All social policies cost 50% less Culture, and each Policy Tree adopted gives 5 Gold per turn.

Unique Units:

Hungarian Hussar- Replaces Knight, same abilities, slightly weaker, but can attack twice in one turn.

Freedom Fighter- Replaces Infantry, combat bonus in Rough Terrain and against units with a higher combat strength (+50%). Requires Freedom. If Freedom is not adopted (or no ideology available yet), regular Infantry will be produced.