• Acroamatis

    This seems as good a place as anywhere to express my opinion - I don't think Beyond Earth quite lived up to my expectations of it.

    This isn't to say that I haven't enjoyed my playtime - it's still a Firaxis game, which means that it's solid, play is enjoyable, and the game is relatively well-balanced.  And pretty.  But there are still a few bones of contention I have.

    • Gameworld details.  The designers may have been trying for "vague and mysterious", a la Mitchell and Webb's "Event", but I want to hear about the Great Mistake.  What was it, exactly?  Who was involved?  How did the sponsors come to be?  The civilopedia, in addition to having a somewhat obtuse interface (more on that later) is startlingly bare of the kind of rich detail that _m…

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